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  • Halloween trick or treat frame

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  • Trick or Treat Shadowbox

    Designed By Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

    Create this cute shadowbox to highlight your favorite Halloween pumpkin. Sticko delivers the cuteness with this Halloween candy perfect for making this sweet trick or treat shadowbox frame to enjoy your child’s photo.


1.Cover photo mat with Black patterned paper.Cut out center where photo will be using craft knife.

2.Punch tarantulas with black cardstock and add eyes using glitter.

3.Attach tarantulas to photo mat using 3D Dots.

4.Cut slit in very top large pumpkin (where the candy would be placed if it were real) and insert one of the candies from the Sticko Halloween Sweets. Add some 3D Dots to the back and attach to the frame as shown in the example.

6.Finish embellishing the mat with the rest of the candy from the Halloween Sweets Sticko, put some of the candies on 3D Dots to give a 3 dimensional look to the frame.

7.Attach photo to frame and insert in shadowbox.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Patterned Pattern for Halloween
  • Black Shadow box Frame with photo mat
  • Glitter 
  • Craft Knife
  • Black cardstock

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