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Tips & Techniques

There are so many ways to use Perler beads that people are always coming up with clever tips & tricks. Check here to get expert advice on how to make your projects perfect every time.

Bead Weaving

Using beads and lacing, follow these diagrams to make bracelets, belts or whatever you can imagine! Be creative!

bead-weaving-1 bead-weaving-2

Bead Lacing


Layers or segments of Perler designs can be attached to one another by using thread, string, or lacing to tie them together. Using the diagram as an example, you can assemble your designs without glue. This illustration is expanded to show the lacing pattern. Be sure to tie your string tightly.

Foot Stands

Create feet for your designs to stand. See the diagram for easy foot stand directions.


Glitter in Your Perler Design

Adding glitter to your Perler design is an easy way to create a fun effect. It’s easy to do by following a few easy steps.

  1. Before ironing, cover your ironing surface with paper.
  2. Place your pegboard with beads on top of the paper.
  3. Sprinkle very fine glitter over the top of your beads. (Coarse glitter won’t stick as well.)
  4. Cover with ironing paper and GENTLY iron following our 1-2-3-4 instructions.
  5. Turn the design over and repeat the above steps!!

Picking up Beads


Tweezers are a great way to pick up and easily place Perler beads on your pegboard. You can use the Perler Tweezer Plus with its dual-purpose ends (tweezer and scoop). A toothpick will also work to make it easier to pick up and place beads on your pegboard.

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