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  • Puppy Pals

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  • Puppy Pals

    Designed By The Perler Design Team

    This little girl puppy and her boy puppy pal look like they are ready for a romp! Have fun creating this frisky pair in Perler Beads.

Project Pattern

Puppy Pals Project Sheet

Creative Inspiration

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# Beads Needed for the Boy Puppy
Plum - 79
Cheddar - 4
Light Blue - 77
Black - 9
White - 16

# Beads Needed for the Girl Puppy
Bubblegum - 104
Red - 1
Light Green - 17
Purple - 3
White - 60

1. Download the Puppy Pals Project Sheet. Use the puppy pegboard for your projects. Place all the beads for the design.

2. Cover the completed design with the ironing paper. Keeping the iron level, gently iron the beads in a circular motion for about 10 seconds to fuse the beads evenly. Ironed properly, the beads will still have an open center. Warning: Parents—the ironing must be done by an adult only. Some irons may emit steam. Please keep children at a safe distance.

3. Once the design is cool, peel off the ironing paper. Lift your design from the pegboard; flip the design over and repeat step #2. Your pegboard and ironing paper are reusable.

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