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  • Loom Band Bracelet silo

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  • Loom Band Bracelet

    Designed By Karen Benvenuti

    If you are into making loom band jewelry, adding Perler beads is a great way to add to the colorful look! Match or contrast bead colors to the rubber bands you will use. It's a great look and easy to do—no loom needed.


1. We created this bracelet by alternating three pastel shades of rubber bands and three colors of Perler beads to match the bands. 


2. Take a band and slip it through one end of a fastener. 


3. Take your next color band and slip it through the first band bringing both loop ends together. Carefully slip a Perler bead onto one loop end of the band and bring both loops back together.


4. Now slip another color band through the two loops and bring those two loops together. Add another bead just like before.


5. Repeat this process until your bracelet is the desired length for your wrist (we used 17 beads).


6. Gather your last two loops together and attach to the other end of the fastener to finish.


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Other Supplies


  • Loom bands with fasteners



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