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  • Candy Basket and Napkin Holder

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  • Candy Basket and Napkin Holder

    Designed By Holly Craft

    This fun “Melty” Technique can be used to create Perler Bead containers by using an oven to fuse the beads in a free-form fashion instead of using a pegboard and iron. Experiment with a variety of shapes to see what you can create!


# Beads Needed:
Light Brown
Gold Metallic

NOTE: The quantity of beads you need will depend on the sizes of the cantainers you will use. Using a 1000 bead bag of each color will give you enough beads to do several pieces. 

1. Download the Candy Basket and Napkin Holder Project Sheet. These projects require no patterns; our project sheet includes the Oven-Melty Technique which you might wish to print and keep for the future.

2. To create containers with this technique, choose a glass or metal container that can be used in the oven. We used a small glass bowl for the Candy Basket, and a mini loaf pan for the Napkin Holder.

3. Set your oven to 300º. Spray your container thoroughly with a non-stick baking spray. Warning to Parents: the baking must be done by an adult only.

4. Create a bead mix of autumn colors with all the colors listed for this project. Pour enough of the autumn bead mix into the container to cover the bottom, then pat some in place going up the sides. For the Napkin Holder, you only need to go up two opposite sides, not all four sides. Carefully place the container in the preheated oven and allow the beads to melt. Check the results every few minutes and pull the container out when you are happy with the effect. The beads will flatten and stretch when melted, creating an interesting texture. Remove the container from the oven and allow it to cool. If you used non-stick spray, carefully wash the cooled pieces thoroughly by hand with dish soap.

5. Basket Assembly: Fashion your grapevine or willow into a basket handle. Carefully weave the ends of your basket handle into the beads on opposite sides. Tie ribbon on each side for a decorative touch.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Oven Containers: small bowl, mini loaf pan
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Grapevine or willow
  • Ribbon

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