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  • Butterlies Fluttering By

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  • Butterflies Fluttering By

    Designed By The Perler Design Team

    These pretty 3D butterflies made with Perler beads have a very simple slot and tab assembly so you can position the wings as you like. Choose your own colors to make them as colorful as you wish! You can make hang them with thread or create plant picks with wire.


Bead Colors/Quantity Needed:
Pink - 106
Black - 72
Pink Candy Stripe - 108
Cream - 46
Pastel Lavender - 36
Grape Stripe - 74
Fire Stripe - 98

1. Download the Butterflies Fluttering By Project Pattern. Place the beads following the pattern.

2. Ask an adult to fuse your designs. Place your pegboard on a flat, heat-safe surface. Set a household iron to the medium setting. Place ironing paper over the pegboard. In a circular motion, begin to iron the project. When ironed properly, the beads will still have open centers. Let the design cool.

3. Remove the paper and bead design from the pegboard. Flip the design over to expose the non-fused side. Repeat step two. Let cool completely. Once the design is cool, peel off the ironing paper. Your pegboard and ironing paper are reusable.

Note: Beads need heat for about 10-20 seconds per side to fuse evenly. Lift the paper occasionally to see how the beads are fusing. Depending on the size of the project, additional heating time may be required. DO NOT OVER-IRON the beads as it will make the centers of the beads close and can make any assembly you do with your project more challenging.

Put each butterfly together by pressing the wings onto the body.

To create a tail, thread a 6" piece of embroidery floss through the bottom single bead on the body and tie it in a knot.

You can create a hanger by threading another piece of floss through the top hole of the body. To make a plant pick, insert a piece of wire through the body.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Embroidery floss
  • Wire (optional)

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