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  • Teddy Bear Racer Collage

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  • Teddy Bear Racer Collage

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

    PaintWorks art boards are perfect for crafting home décor pieces. Whether the artwork is cut or used as a whole, it’s fun to create a collage look. Kind of like combining scrapbooking with hang-on-the-wall art.


1. Select a variety of coordinating scrapbook papers in solids, stripes, and prints. Cut a patterned or striped paper to cover 2/3 of the canvas, ink the edges with coffee bean ink and adhere to the canvas. Cover the remaining 1/3 of the canvas with a coordinating solid paper after inking the edges. Create a border strip yet another paper, ink the edges, and adhere to the seam where the two background papers meet.

2. Paint the teddy bear and wagon portion of the paint by number design. Using the retractable knife, cut out this part of the design from the art board. Adhere it to the canvas.

3. Crop and mat four photos with colored paper and adhere them to the canvas as shown. Use 3D-Dots on two of them, and add bits of ribbon as desired.

4. Cut four triangles from two 1" square pieces of paper, ink the edges and adhere to the corners of the canvas. Apply four large buttons to the corners.

5. Create a small sign for the bottom right corner of the canvas using stickers for the words and number. Use a rub-on to create the cent sign. Apply colored buttons. Ink the edges and punch two holes in the top corners. Tie thread through the holes and hang the sign from the foot of the bear.

6. Cut a circle band using black cardstock and the Circle Scissor Plus. Adhere to the top left area of the canvas. Cut a hole in the center for the clock parts. Adhere block number stickers and buttons on the black circle band for the clock face.

7. Apply phrases randomly around canvas with stickers.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: black
  • Scrapbook papers: your choice
  • 11" x 14" artist canvas
  • Photographs
  • Ribbon: blue
  • Embroidery thread: white
  • Clock parts
  • Buttons: various colors and sizes
  • Glue

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