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Our Paint by Number and Pencil by Number kits lead the way with exceptional designs that you will love creating. With consistent attention to detail and artistic techniques, we bring you projects that are surprisingly quick and easy to do! Whether you are a novice or an expert, there is a project here to suit your style. And we now have themed bundles to help you enjoy more paint by number for less!

Need a little help? Check our library of expert tips and tricks. It’s just the place to gain the know-how for dazzling project results.

Practicing Drybrushing

Step 1: Turn your canvas board over. If you’ve already started painting your design, be sure your board is completely dry. You may want to lay a couple of paper towels under the board to protect any areas you’ve already painted. Draw a circle about 1/2" in diameter. Step 2: Now draw a semicircle...more

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Snow Leopard Cubs


91397 Cardinals and Cabin 
Decorate your home all winter long with our exquisite Cardinals & Cabin paint by number scene. > Shop Now 



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Now THAT's a Fashion Statement!

If you ever run out of inspiration, take a note from 9 year old Claire of Burlington, NC. She recently submitted a photo of what she does with Sticko... More

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73-91423 Ready for the Ride