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  • Valentine's Day Glitter Shaker Card

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts™

     Make someone’s eyes sparkle with this Valentine's day Shaker Card featuring three different types of shimmering Martha Stewart Crafts™ glitter.


1. Cut a piece of medium pink cardstock to serve as the top layer of the card. Mat on light pink cardstock. Mat again on red cardstock.

2. Apply a thin border of glitter glue around the edge of the medium pink cardstock and allow to dry. Tip: Use the edge of the pink cardstock to guide the tip of the glitter glue pen.

3. Cut a heart from red cardstock to fit on the medium pink cardstock. From the center of the red heart, cut a smaller heart to create a frame.

4. From medium pink cardstock, cut a heart slightly smaller than the large red heart to serve as the base of the shaker. From an acetate sheet, cut a heart the same size as the medium pink heart.

5. Adhere acetate heart to back of red heart frame using adhesive tabs.

6. To assemble heart shaker, apply foam adhesive along the edges of the medium pink heart, leaving no gaps between pieces. Fill center with all three colors of heart glitter. Expose foam adhesive and seal shaker by topping with red heart frame.

7. Use alphabet punches on red cardstock to spell the word “love.” Glue the letters to light pink cardstock using a fine-tip glue pen. Trim and mat with medium pink cardstock.

8. Using glue pen, apply glue to punched letters and sprinkle with red fine glitter. Tap off excess glitter and allow to dry.

9. Using a ruler and bone folder on a cutting mat, score and fold light pink cardstock in half to form card base slightly larger than the layered mats created in Step 1. Adhere layered cardstock piece to card front.

10. Adhere the heart shaker to the card. Adhere the “love” block onto the side of the heart as shown.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: medium pink, red, and light pink
  • Foam adhesive
  • Acetate sheet

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