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  • glittered votive

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  • Glittered Votive

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts™

    Quickly and easily transform basic objects into shimmering home décor items with this Martha Stewart Crafts glittering technique.  You will love to display this glittered votive in your home.


1. Place object to be glittered on a glitter tray or paper plate to catch excess glitter.

2. Spread glue over bottom two-thirds of glass votive. Tip: If necessary, dilute the glue with a little water. In a disposable cup, blend two parts glue to one part water to an even consistency. A thicker layer of glue takes longer to dry, but will hold the glitter better.

3. Sprinkle Feldspar glitter from the 24-pack over the glue, covering completely. Shake off excess glitter onto tray or paper plate, and let dry (test after an hour). Tip glitter from tray or plate back into bottle.

4. Repeat glittering process on the shell using Cotton Candy iridescent glitter. Let dry.

5. Wrap blue and white twine several times above the glittered area on the votive. Tie in a bow.

6. Hot glue the glittered shell to the front of the votive on top of the bow as shown.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Paper plate or tray
  • Glass votive
  • Shell
  • Blue/white baker’s twine


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