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  • Glittered Swirled Hurricane

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  • Glittered Swirled Hurricane

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts™

    Add a little shimmer to your home by wrapping glass hurricanes with a variety of papers, and then adding accents of shimmering glitter glue. Make these Glittered Swirled Hurricanes as a quick hostess gift during the holidays.  Use battery operated votive candles for safety.


1. Cut white glassine paper to size. Tip: To measure hurricane length, wrap a strip of paper around hurricane. Add an extra half inch for overlap to attach at the end. Lay strip on the paper, and mark with a pencil. For height, place hurricane on paper, and mark with pencil.

2. Draw freeform swirl pattern with pencil as shown.

3. Trace lines using glitter glue pens. Allow to dry.

4. Wrap paper around hurricane and secure with double-sided tape.


Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • White glassine paper
  • Hurricane


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