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  • Glitter Embossed Butterfly Wreath

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  • Glitter Embossed Butterfly Wreath

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts™

     Butterflies sparkle all the way around this wreath, thanks to glittered embossing powder that is heat-set for a glossy, shimmering finish.


1. To create wreath base, cut an 8 inch circle out of cardboard using a large circle cutter. Without moving the tool, reset the cutter to 7 1/2 inches to cut out the inner circle.

2. Score down the length of a piece of light green cardstock every 2 or 3 inches depending on the size of stamp you will be using (the scores will become the center fold line of the butterflies). Scoring beforehand will prevent the bone folder from damaging the finished embossed area.

3. Position butterfly stamp on mount, aligning the center of the butterfly with a guideline on the mount.

4. Using embossing stamp pad, stamp butterfly on cardstock, lining up the center guideline for the butterfly with the score line on the cardstock.

5. Cover stamped area with glitter embossing powder. Tip excess powder onto a tray to be reused. Use heat tool to set the powder.

6. Cut out butterflies and fold on score line for dimension.

7. Tie ribbon to top of wreath base. Adhere a large butterfly over the ribbon using foam dots. Adhere butterflies around the wreath base, using glue on some and elevating others on foam dots.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • 12 x 12 inch lightweight cardboard
  • 12 inch length of ribbon
  • Glue
  • Foam adhesive
  • Cardstock: pale pink, medium green, light green

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