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  • fringe Party Ensemble

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  • Fringe Party

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts™

    Create a fun and festive set of party items using fringe scissors to add dimension and flair. This set includes a pretty invitation, a sparkly fringed pom-pom hat, and an adorable treat bag to fill with treasures. Fringe scissors also add a fun twist to a classic party favor.



1. Cut, score and fold in half a piece of pink patterned paper from the paper pad to make a top-folding card in your desired size. Mat a piece of light green cardstock to the card front, leaving a 1/4 inch border. Mat a piece of light yellow cardstock to the light green panel, leaving a 1/8 inch border.

2. Use the circle cutter to cut a small yellow circle, a medium patterned paper circle, and a large light green circle. Use the fringe scissors around the edges of all the circles: TIP—For best results, cut in only about 3/8 inch on the larger circles and 1/8 inch on the smallest circle.

3. Punch the letters to spell “You’re Invited” and use the glue pen to adhere them to the front of the card as shown. TIP—Use tweezers to pick up the tiny letters.

4. Apply glue with the glue pen to fronts of the letters and apply green iridescent glitter holding your card over the glitter tray. Tap off excess glitter and return it to the jar.

5. Use black ink to stamp a butterfly onto light pink cardstock, then punch it out. TIP— When using the Stamp and Punch, stamp the top of the image near the edge of the paper. Turn the punch upside down and align it over the stamped image before punching it.

6. Cut a short strip of light green cardstock about 1/4 inch wide and 2 1/2 inches high for the flower stem. For the leaves, cut two small pieces of patterned paper as shown and fringe one long edge on each piece.

7. Using adhesive foam between each circle layer and on the back of the large one, assemble and adhere the flower to the front of the card as shown. Add the butterfly to the flower using a foam square.

Fringe Party Hat

1. Roll a piece of pink patterned paper to make a cone-shaped hat, leaving a small opening at the top for the pom-pom. Trim paper and adhere the overlap.  

2. Fold a few pieces of green tissue paper together into a long strip approximately 3 1/2 inches high. Wrap it around the bottom of the cone to determine how long it should be, and add an extra inch to that length. Starting at one end of the tissue paper strip, use the fringe scissors to cut into the strip approximately 1 1/2 inches and continue to the end of the strip.

3. Apply adhesive around the inside lower edge of the cone.

4. Carefully adhere one end of the strip inside the lower edge of the cone; fringe edge should extend below the cone). Continue adhering the strip all the way around the hat.

5. Layer one piece of mylar between two pieces of green tissue, approximately 5 inches long and 3 1/2 inches high. Hold the layered tissue and mylar strip together while fringing the edge about 3 inches deep.

6. Carefully roll the fringed piece into a tube shape and wrap tape around the bottom to hold it together. Push the taped edge through the hole at the top of the cone and fluff to create the pom-pom.

7. Cut a flower from green glittered paper. Adhere a gem to the middle and use foam squares to attach the completed flower to the front center of the hat.

Goodie Bags

1. Use the fringe scissors to cut fringe across the top of a flattened treat bag.

2. Use the circle cutter to cut a small circle and a large circle from patterned paper. Cut a medium-sized circle from light green cardstock. Use the fringe scissors around the edges of all the circles. 

3. Punch a butterfly from the pink cardstock.  

4. Measure and cut a piece of light green cardstock to fit inside the treat bag, with a little extra green extending above the top of the bag. Use the fringe scissors to cut fringe across the top of the cardstock. Roll and insert into the treat bag.

5. Using foam squares between each circle and on the back of the largest circle, assemble the medallion and adhere to the treat bag as shown. Use foam squares to adhere the butterfly to the medallion as shown.


Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock:  Light green, yellow, light pink, pink
  • Tweezers
  • Black dye ink

  • Tissue paper: green, silver mylar 

  • Tape
  • Treat bag

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