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  • Deco Fan Shell Tag

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts

     Sea-themed punches create an easy-to-make decorative tag for a jar full of summer mementoes.


1. Using the Deco Fan corner and edge punches, punch around all four sides of a 3 1/4in square of blue cardstock.

2. Cut a small square of blue crosshatch patterned paper to fit inside the punched square, and adhere with tape roller.

3. Punch an orange crab. Punch blue oak leaves to create seaweed. Punch sand dollar from brown and tan cardstock, and layer to create two-toned sand dollar. Adhere punched pieces to tag with glue pen.

4. Fill jar with sand and shells. Replace lid.

5. Tie tag to jar with baker’s twine.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: blue, light blue, orange, brown, tan
  • Light blue crosshatch patterned paper
  • Glass biscuit jar
  • Sand, shells
  • Blue/white baker’s twine

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