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  • Circle Edge Punched Paper Flowers

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  • Circle Edge Punched Paper Flowers

    Designed By Martha Stewart Crafts®

    Create stunning paper flowers with intricate detail for a cheery, fresh décor accent! Make several of different sizes and vary the colors to create an entire bouquet


1. Using the Floral Web cartridge and following the instructions included in the Circle Edge Punch Starter Set, Punch two 7 inch circles from light pink cardstock.

2. To make the inside petals of the flower, mark the center of each punched circle with a pencil. Using a ruler, craft knife, and a cutting mat, cut a wedge piece that is 4 punched designs wide from one punched circle. Set aside the remaining part of the circle. Cut the wedge piece in half into smaller wedges.

3. Cut a wedge piece that is 2 punched designs wide from the second punched circle. Discard the remainder of the second circle. Set the three wedges aside.

4. To form the stamens of the flower, cut a piece of crepe paper to 2 x 10 inches. Use the fringe scissors along one long edge. Use hot glue to adhere floral wire onto one short end of the fringed crepe paper and roll it. Affix the end with hot glue.

5. Add the wedge pieces around the stamen roll and secure with hot glue. Set aside.

6. To create the outer petals of the flower, take the remaining part of the first circle and form it into a funnel shape, overlapping and adhering the ends. Use scissors to snip off the point at the end of the funnel shape, creating a 1/4 inch opening.

7. To create the flower, insert the wire of the inside petals through the outside petals. Adhere at the base with hot glue. Use floral tape to wrap the stem of the flower, starting at the base of the flower and continuing down the wire.

8. Cut two leaf shapes out of green cardstock, putting tiny notches in the outside edge. Use a bone folder to score the center length of the leaves.

9. Use hot glue to adhere a length of floral wire to the underside of each leaf. Wrap the excess wire with floral tape.

10. Position the leaves on the stem of the flower, and attach it to the stem by wrapping both together with floral tape.

11. Repeat with the other cardstock colors to create a bouquet.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: light pink, medium pink, dark pink, coral
  • Crepe paper
  • Green floral wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Pencil

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