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Tips & Techniques

Learn how to use our products with helpful tips and techniques from our experts sure to inspire.

Determining How Many Beads you need

Use this handy Bead Needs chart to help you figure out how many beads you need .

Use the chart first to find the style and/or length that best match your intended jewelry project. Then it is just a matter of deciding what bead size you will be working with the most to figure out the amount of beads needed. Use the quantity reference as a guide for when you do your bead shopping as it will give you a pretty good idea as to how many beads you will need overall. Remember to keep in mind that the quantities may vary slightly depending on the shape and size of beads you choose. Remember to account for a closure that will add additional length.

Tips - Bead Size

Tips - Necklace Lengths

Determining the necklace lengths that suit your style is the first step in making your jewelry project come to life. You can then decide what you would like added to your necklace in order to really make a statement.

Collar - 12-13 inches
  • Lies comfortably on the neck
  • Made of two or more strands
  • Compliments an evening look
  • Great style for off the shoulder and v-neck tops
Choker - 14-16 inches
  • Lies just below the neckline
  • Made of single or multi-strands
  • Perfect for any time of day and occasion
  • Great for a child's necklace
Princess - 17-19 inches
  • Ideal for both pendant necklaces and pearls
  • Versatile length for both daytime and evening
  • Compliments a crew neck and higher necklines
Matinee - 20-24 inches
  • Longer than the princess
  • Well suited for professional and casual attire
  • Compliments a higher neckline
Opera - 28-34 inches
  • A single dramatic length, or knotted at the neckline
  • Ideal for classic or casual attire
  • Works with both high or crew necklines
Rope - Over 45 inches
  • A minimum of 45 inches with clasps placed in strategic locations
  • Can transform length into multi-strand necklace or bracelet combinations
  • Will transform any outfit into an elegant style

Birthstone Crystal Color Chart

Each birth month is represented by a modern crystal color and a meaning that indicates the quality or personality of that month or that color, so have fun with it!

Tips - Birthstone Chart


Tips - Chain Nose Chain Nose Pliers
Flat nosed pliers are used to bend wire and findings. Use as a companion tool for round nose pliers. Embellished with a Lt Rose Crystallizedâ„¢ - Swarovski Elements.
Tips - Flush Cutters Flush Cutters
A precision tool for trimming findings and beading wire. Embellished with a Lt Sapphire Crystallizedâ„¢ -Swarovski Elements.
Tips - Round Nose Round Nose Pliers
Conical shaped pliers are used for shaping wire and findings. Use as a companion for chain nose pliers. Embellished with a Violet Crystallizedâ„¢ Swarovski Elements.
Tips - Bent Nose Bent Nose Pliers
Angled nosed pliers are designed for easy access of hard to reach places. Companion tool for chain nose pliers. Embellished with a Chrysolite Crystallizedâ„¢ - Swarovski Elements.
Tips - Specialty Specialty Pliers
Specialty pliers are used for making easy loops and wire wraps. One side is conical and is designed to work with concave side. Embellished with a Crystal Crystallizedâ„¢ - Swarovski Elements.
Tips - Tweezers Tweezer with Scoop
A tool to aid the selection and organization of small crystals and findings. These make it easy to pick up the smallest of items and includes a scoop on the other end for larger jobs.
Tips - Engraver Engraver
A tool that inscribes metal, wood, glass, and more. It decorates and personalizes charms, pendants and other findings.

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