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  • Swamp Necklace

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  • Swamp Necklace

    Designed By Dale Nicholson

    Shimmering tendrils of mysterious beauty drenched in muddy colors swarm this swamp necklace. Take a swim in the melancholy mood of your inner swamp!


1. Be sure to layout your design before assembling. Bend some of your dangle bars to create movement. End each dangle with a 4mm crystal. Cut several lengths of chain to add to your necklace.

2. Create your dangles by stringing crystals or filigree beads onto an eye pin and create a loop on the top. (See our video on making eye pin loops!) Begin connecting them together in various lengths according to your design. Make sure to make several 4mm crystal dangles on head pins for the bottom of the strands.

3. Connect one end of the toggle to your wire using a crimp bead. (See our how to crimp video!)

4. Begin stringing your crystals and beads remembering to string on your dangles and chain as you go.

5. Finish by connecting the other half of toggle with a crimp bead.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Stringing wire (18”)
  • gold toggle
  • 6mm gold filigree beads (2 dz)
  • small gold beads (18 pcs)
  • gold ball-tip head pins
  • eye pins
  • gold chain
  • crimp beads (2)
  • 4mm jump rings (14)

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