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  • My Favoite Movie Frame - frankenweenie

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  • My Favorite Movie Frame

    Designed By Design Team

    Here's a fun to craft to do with kids and include their favorite Disney movie! Here we created an electrifying photo frame with Victor, Sparky from Frankenweenie but you can choose embellishments of your favorite characters.


1. Have a parent remove the glass from the photo frame. Note: Parent should also clean the glass prior to setting back in frame.

2. Remove the Frankenweenie stickers from the release paper. Place the stickers around the photo opening on the mat board.

3. For stickers that are placed so the sticker is inside the opening of the mat board remove the stickiness from the sticker by brushing the back with the  powder tool. The powder will stick to the adhesive of the sticker and make it not sticky.

4. Cut apart 8 or so gold bling stickers from the pack with scissors.

5. Place a gold bling sticker in-between each Frankenweenie sticker on the mat board.

6. Select a favorite photo of you and your pet. Place the photo into the opening of the mat board. Secure the photo in place with a piece of clear tape.

7. Have a parent put the glass, mat and frame backer into the frame.

8. If desired put additional stickers on the frame. Brush any part of the sticker that is not stuck onto the frame with the power tool.

9. Display your photo artwork for all to see.


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  •  Photo Frame with Mat

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