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  1. Create Vintage Petal Brooch according to directions on kit and set aside. You can omit the center piece and wire on 4mm crystals if you wish. (Shown in picture) 
  2. Cut stringing wire into two strands. Make one a couple inches shorter.  
  3. String one crimp bead through stringing wire, then through one end of closure and back through the crimp bead. Pull end close and collapse crimp bead with Chain Nose Pliers. Trim excess with Flush Cutters. 
  4. Start to string your bicone beads in a random pattern. When you reach a desired length, repeat step 3 with the other end of the closure.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other strand connecting to the closure with the other strand.
  6. Attach your pin to the side of your necklace.

You may want to layout your bicone necklace design before you start stringing.  Wear your Brooch as a pin also! Vary your lengths to your liking. This necklace has 18” and 16” strands.

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