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  • Sweet Bouquet Brooch

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  • Sweet Bouquet Brooch

    Designed By Donna Hanna

    Brighten up any room with this pretty bouquet brooch made with the Flowers and Brass collection and complemented with crystals.


1. Layout your design. (see tip below)

2. Thread a piece of wire (7 inches) through a crystal to the middle of the wire and bend together. Now pass this wire through your flowers and then through the pendant.

3. Weave the wire end through several holes in the brooch base to secure your work. Trim excess wire and use chain nose pliers to finish tucking the wire end into the top of the brooch base, under each crystal and flower component.

4. Repeat step three with all of your flower groupings.

Trace your pendant on paper and layout your design before you start.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Pin back
  • 26 Gauge Wire
  • flush cutters
  • chain nose pliers

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