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  • lace ball necklace

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  • Lace Ball Necklace

    Designed By Karen Benvenuti

    Get creative with this modern lace ball necklace made with netted fabric and wooden balls.  Wear it to  complement an outfit for your night out on the town.


1. Cut chain in half.

2. Make two dangles by adding a crystal to an eye, then trim and make a loop. Attach these to both ends of the chain.

3. Fold a piece of lace fabric in half, pin and sew on raw edges. Turn inside out.

4. Wire one end closed with some wire. Wrap several times tightly, make a small loop and wrap again a few times.

5. Insert a ball and push down to the end. Make a knot very close to the ball. Repeat this step with all of the balls.

6. Wire wrap the end following procedure from step 4.

7. Open an eye pin and attach to one end of the ball strip. Close securely. Repeat on other side.

8. Insert the eye pin through the bead cap and pull snug. Trim and create a loop.

9. Open eye pin ends on chain and attach the ball strand to finish.

NOTE: Make sure you sew your strip close to the raw edge for the correct size.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Silver Bead Caps, 2 Medium
  • Eye pins, (4 pcs)
  • Dark Wooden Balls, ½”, (7 balls)
  • 28 Gauge Wire

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