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  • flower ring

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  • Flower Ring

    Designed By Karen Benvenuti

     Create this attractive flower ring using Vintage Stone Petals and some glistening red crystals. If you know how to wrap wire this project is a snap!


1. Cut a 30” piece of wire and string the 5 petals together into the middle. Pass one end through the last petal to form circle and pull tight; twist wire ends together.

2. Take one wire at a time and begin wrapping it around the petals randomly adding a siam crystal each time to sit on top of the flower.

3. When all of the crystals are clustered on top, bring your wires to the bottom and twist several times. Trim and tuck the wire in.

4. Cut a 5” piece of elastic and string on your jet crystals.

5. Pull one end of elastic through some wire under the ring and tie a square knot to secure.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Silver Wire 28 gauge
  • 5MM Elastic

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