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  • Holiday Wreath Bucket

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  • Wreath Basket

    Designed By Nicole Ratzlaff

    Create this pretty Wreath Basket for homemade treats this Christmas season.  It would also make a pretty centerpiece during the holiday season. You can create anything you can imagine out of paper. Think about your end results in terms of shape and go from there. For example, the wreath bucket leaves are simple, you can use a punch if you want to and do them with circles or ovals or you can freehand your own design.

Creative Inspiration

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1. Cut out leaves from patterned paper. Wrinkle and ink edges.

2. Adhere leaves around bucket in a wreath type pattern.

3. Thread buttons and glue onto budget three at a time to represent holly berries

4. Using the tag book, add pattern paper to the back of a tag so it is not white on the back.

5. Ink the edges of the tag.

6. Print out letters on cream cardstock. Cut out the letters and ink the edges and adhere to tag.

7. Embellish tag with a sticker.
Holiday Wreath Bucket2

8. Tie tag onto bucket with twine and tulle.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Metal Bucket
  • Tulle
  • Buttons
  • Hemp or Twine
  • Cream Cardstock

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