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  • poppy seed fly plaque

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  • Whimsical Wooden Plaque

    Designed By Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

     Make a little shrine to art, a special poem or someone you love by making the fun and whimsical house décor. There are many wooden shapes available at your local craft shop, find the one that is most suitable for your decor.


1. Apply Glue Stick to backside of the house, apply paper. Trim around using a sharp x-acto style blade. Burnish paper to make sure it adheres to all areas of the wood.

2 .Apply the vintage book paper to the front side at the top of the house. Cut strips of patterned paper and layer them on the bottom of the house.

3. Apply purple paint to the top of the house, to separate the roof from the wall of the house. Add an adhesive border to further separate the roof line,

4. Apply dimensional flower to roof, as shown in the example.

5.Cut out figure from vintage photo and apply to house, on the book paper.

6. Wrap Seam binding tape around house, toward the bottom and tie in a knot. Add a few extra bows if desired.

7. Apply patterned paper to back of word tag Grand Adhesion and cut away excess. Add to seam binding as shown in the example using a jump ring.

8.Add Adhesive border to two sides of the house and wrap the excess around to the bottom.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Wooden House Shape
  • Glue Stick
  • Jump Ring
  • X-Acto or sharp blade
  • Vintage book paper
  • Green Ribbon
  • Purple ink or paint
  • scissors/paper trimmer/adhesive

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