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  • Vintage Vase of Paper Flowers

    Designed By Kelly Keller

    Create these easy paper flowers to fill Mom or Grandmother’s favorite vase. These paper flowers will last a lot longer than cut flowers and in a way they are much sweeter!  Use colors and ephemera to match your decor.


1. Cut several large and small flowers by hand or with die-cut machine from various papers from pad.

2. Cut very thin strips of paper. On each strip, match the ends and tape in the middle to make loops.

3. Sponge brown ink on all paper edges.

4. Assemble large flowers by threading wire through a button and layering loops, small and large flowers on to this wire. Add buttons between layers for dimension. Assemble small flowers.

5. Wire flowers to thick stem like wire, tape with floral tape.

6. Cut leaves from paper using decorative edge scissors.

7. Hot glue each leaf to a piece of wire.

8. Secure foam and moss in the vase and arrange the paper leaves and flowers.

9. Cut a tag from paper, add assorted papers, embellishments, and ribbon.

10. Attach the tag to the arrangement.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Ribbon: cream vintage lace, tan thread, green, pink
  • Buttons: cream
  • Chestnut Chalk Ink
  • Wire: thin thread covered, thick stem like, medium green wire
  • Floral Supplies: Floral Tape, Floral Foam, Spanish Moss
  • Hot Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

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