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  • Valentine's Day Treat Bag

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  • Valentine's Day Treat Bag

    Designed By Brittny Kvilhaug

    Making Valentine’s for the entire class is breeze when you make your own treat bags. Simply cut the paper, punch the edges, stitch together, and finish with some adorable circus stickers. Fill with a wonderful treat and you’ve created a very special valentine!


1. Cut two pieces of pink paper with paper trimmer size 4”x6” rectangle.

2. Keeping paper together (pink sides out) punch the long sides of the rectangle with the Graceful Heart Edger punch.

3. Stitch on sewing machine the three sides of the stack to make a pocket.

4. Punch two ¼ inch holes in the left side of the pocket.

5. Stick the Circus Valentine train stickers to the front of the pouch along the bottom edge.

6. Write free hand “Happy Valentine’s Day!” across the top with black marker.

7. Stuff the pocket with candy, string ribbon through the holes, and tie a bow to finish

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Shopping List

Other Supplies

  •  ¼” inch Hole Punch
  • Sewing Machine with Brown Thread
  • Sparkly Ribbon to match

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