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  • Sweet Treat Container

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  • Sweet Treat Container

    Designed By K&Company Design Team

    This Sweet Treat Decorative container perfect for giving Christmas goodies for friends, family, teachers or neighbors.! The “up-cycled” a tall chip can will keep cookies fresh, safe from breakage and out of sight from small cookie monsters!



 1. Wipe the inside of the can to remove with a paper towel to remove any chip residue.

2. Select a pattern paper from the paper pad. We used the cookie pattern paper.

3. Wrap the paper around the can and note size.

4. Cut the paper using the paper trimmer. Hot glue the paper to the can.

5. Attach 3 to 4 borders to the can. Space borders evenly around can. (this can also be done by cutting strips of complementary paper)

6. To decorate the lid: carefully cut the bow design out from the piece of printed paper.

7. Adhere border paper to the top of the plastic lid. Adhere bow to lid using the 3-D dots. The dots will raise the bow up.

8. Fill decorative can with homemade cookies or sweets.

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