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  • Stars & Stripes Centerpiece Cover 1

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  • Stars & Stripes Centerpiece

    Designed By The K&Company Design Team

    The 4th of July is a great time for a party and what’s a party without a colorful centerpiece? Try this adorable lollipop planter idea. Simply select a natural or silk potted geranium, lollipops, colorful ribbons and stickers to create this quick and easy design. Stickers feature a patriot theme but can be changed for other events such as, birthdays, showers or weddings. Centerpiece also makes a wonderful hostess gift. 


 Stars & Stripes Centerpiece Cover 1 

 1. Separate the lollipops from the packaging. Leave the plastic covering on the lollipops as this will be where the stickers are placed.

2. Select the Americana sticker to be used. Remove each sticker from the release paper and stick to the center of the lollipop. Continue this process until all lollipops have a badge.

Stars & Stripes Centerpiece Cover 3 

3. Cut the red, white, and blue ribbon into 5” lengths. Gather one each of the three colors and wrap around the lollipop stick. Tie in a double knot to secure.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Wilton Pink Lollipop Kit
  • Red, White, and Blue 1/8" Ribbon
  • 4" Potted Silk Geranium

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