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  • Spring Birdhouse

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  • Spring Birdhouse

    Designed By Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

    Birdhouses aren’t just for outside, decorate this fanciful spring birdhouse to match your home décor! Using a paper pad makes it easy to coordinate the paper colors for your project.


1. Paint roof and base of birdhouse yellow. Paint accents with brown. When yellow paint is dry, use a dry brush to add brown paint to roof and base. Let dry.

2. Measure sides of house and cut a different piece of Juliana patterned paper to fit each side. Cut out birdhouse door from the center panel and apply to birdhouse using glue stick.

3. Continue working around house, gluing a different paper to each side.

4. Add adhesive border to base of house, as shown in the example. Cut coordinating patterned paper for the center panel and glue to panel using a glue stick.

5. Use craft glue to glue rickrack around the house as shown in the example

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Wooden Birdhouse
  • Glue Stick
  • Bird
  • Yellow and Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Rickrack

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