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  • snow globe card

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  • Snow Globe Card

    Designed By Lisa Falduto

    This French inspired Snow Globe greetings for New Year's was created using the Susan Winget Floral and Merryweather collections. Whether it's for New Year's card or another occasion this dimensional greeting will be a beautiful keepsake for anyone you share it with.

Helpful Downloads

snow globe base pattern


Note: Ink all edges using brown ink pad

1. Begin by brushing the glittering glue all over the branch. Sprinkle the branch with the  coarse glitter from the 3 pack, then sprinkle the glow-in-the-dark glitter over the top of that. Set twig aside to dry.

2. Take apart two of the 3 3/4" plastic button. You will only be using the top section of each button. Cut the floral acetate frame with the berries so the strawberry section fits inside of the plastic button.

Note: If snow is desired inside the globe, place approx.1 teaspoon of the glitter inside the pin prior to gluing the side together. Attach to bottom piece with liquid glue for plastic.

3. Apply a small amount of liquid glue to the reverse side of the "Love and Laughter" grand adhesion and place next to the acetate piece. Allow both to dry well.

4. Add some sequin or trim snowflakes inside of the snow globe using your liquid glue. Save some for the outside as well. I used snowflake trim I cut into pieces and then placed a little glue and glitter in the center.

5. Using the pattern cut 2 pieces of the snow globe bottom from chipboard. Also cut 2 pieces from the toile patterned cardstock and the blue patterned cardstock. Using the glue for paper attach one piece of toile on the front of a piece of chipboard and solid blue to the back. Repeat on the other piece and then ink all sides and edges.

6. Attach a piece of patterned blue cardstock to the top of your toile piece so your trim will fit inside. Mine is 3/4" wide. Ink that and then add your trim.

7. Using some green patterned cardstock print the words Bonne Année (have a good year) on the paper using a small font. Cut around the words with your trimmer and ink the edges and punch a small hole in the top end. Drop this on your dressmakers pin.

8. Cut your length of bakers twine in half, hold together and tie a bow. Add this to the front of your trim pinning through your twine and into the trim with your dressmakers pin.

9. Attach the top piece of your snow globe to the bottom piece using liquid glue for plastic. I set a small book on top to provide some weight until it dried well. 

10. Using your glue dots, attach the front snow globe base to the snow globe top on the front. Repeat with the other piece attaching it to the back of your snow globe making sure the back lines up with the front.
snow globe step1

11. Build a tower using your foam squares so they fit firmly in between each side of your snow globe base, about one inch up on the inside bottom. You want to use this tower to keep the base pieces together so they are secure to stand. Wrap a piece of blue patterned cardstock around the outside edge of the tower and fasten in place to hide the white foam. Attach this between the front and the back pieces.

 snow globe -step 2
12. Attach your glittered twig to the side of your snow globe and chipboard base using liquid glue or hot glue. Add the bird/floral grand adhesion from the Merryweather package to the left side of your snow globe as shown.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Small hole punch or piercing tool
  • Brown ink pad
  • 3 3/4" Plastic pin buttons (2 of these)
  • 8" Snowflake or other laces trim
  • Either sequin or trim snowflakes
  • 12" of pink/white bakers twine
  • 1 dressmakers pin or mini safety pin
  • Small twig
  • Liquid glue for plastic
  • Liquid glue for paper
  • Foam squares


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