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  • mini herb planter

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  • Recycled Mini Herb Planter

    Designed By Christy Gallaher

    Grow fresh herbs right in your own kitchen in this adorable and uniquely decorated mini herb planter. Constructed from a recycled tin can (i.e. soup can) and Tim Coffey's Foliage Collection. This makes the perfect gift for any occasion


1. Remove lid and label from empty tin can. Wash and dry

2. Select the blue and green paper from the designer pad. Using trimmer with wavy blade cut a strip to the size of 2” x 9” from both pieces of paper.

3. Tape the blue strip around can leaving approx. 1” at the top

4. Tape the green strip around can approx. 1” below the blue paper (exact measurements depend on the size of the can used).

5. Decorate the paper covered can with the mushroom adhesive stickers and icon adhesives.

6. Punch scalloped circle out of the gold paper from the pad. Write the name of the herb planted. Attach with HERMA adhesive.

7. Place small pebbles in the bottom of the can and cover with potting soil, plant seeds or starter plant and care according to plant directions.

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