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  • Patriotic home Decor Pick

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  • Patriotic Home Decor Pick

    Designed By The K&Company Design Team

    Use the Americana Collection from K&Company and show your patriotic spirit! Create a festive home décor pick for use in your table centerpiece, to sit alongside your springtime flowers or to wave at the local parade this season!


1. Cut 2 star shapes from patterned paper. Use one as a base and one as the backer.

2. Arrange adhesive borders, medallions stickers, die cuts and pillow stickers on base star as desired. Use ZIG fine tip glue pen or 3D Dots to adhere items as needed.

3. Use 3D Dots to adhere base and backer pieces to 12” dowel.

4. Adhere strips of red, white or blue ribbon onto dowel.

5. If desired, stick home decor pick in plant, the ground or a Styrofoam base and help decorate for a patriotic party or event!

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • 12" Dowel
  • Ribbons: White, red, blue

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