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  • TC fish sculpture

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  • One Fish Blue Fish Paper Sculpture

    Designed By Judy “Joodie” Westegaard

    One fish, blue fish, it’s a new fish! This paper sculpture crafted from Tim Coffey's Travel Specialty paper will garner lots of interest from the fishermen and women in your life. Get hooked on playing with paper by constructing this unique project.


1.  Use the centering ruler and pencil to mark the blue plaid paper. Use a scissors to cut the following sizes.
• 2 – 1” x 6”
• 1 – 1” x 8”
• 1 – 1” x 10”
• 1 – 1” x 12”

2. Use the large end of the Pure Violet Zig Writer to color a faux deckle edge on each edge of the plaid paper strips.


3. Mark 1” from each end of the 8”, 10” and 12” strips. Form a paper loop with the plaid to the outside, overlapping the one inch marks. Glue in place, securing the glued areas with paper clips. When dry, lightly press each loop in half forming a slight crease on the top and bottom area of each end. These 3 “flattened” loops will form the body of the fish. Use the centering ruler to mark the center side of each loop. From smallest to largest, lay the loops 1 inch apart aligning the center marks.. Slip the 6” strip in the center of all 3 loops and glue in place. Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Print and cut out the pattern pieces. Cut the upper face and lower jaw from the blue wave paper. Cut two eyes from the Olive paper. Add a pupil to each eye using the Pure Violet Writer. Glue the eye in position on the upper face. When set, place a paper fastener in the center of each pupil and secure.


5. Make a double-sided paper by gluing two sheets of the blue vine/beige background paper back to back using a glue stick. Cut the gills; upper, side, and lower fins; and tail from this paper. Use the large end of the Blue Jay Zig Writer to color a faux deckle edge on each edge of the gills, fins, tail and face pieces.


6. Gently bend the upper face (blue wave pattern to the outside) centering the top middle within the top middle of the large front loop. Glue in place and secure with paper clips until set. When set, fit the lower jar into the opening in the same manner. Glue in place and secure with paper clips.


7. Position one point of a gill ½ “above the top of the center strip. Glue and secure with a paper clip. Wrap the gill to the opposite side. Glue and secure in the same manner. Place the remaining gills on the fish in the same manner, overlapping each strip approximately ½ “.


8. Use the scissors to cut slashes into the fins and tails following the dotted lines as indicated on the pattern. Lightly shape the fins by bending them carefully, curling the “fringe” gently back and forth around your finger.


9. Tuck the tail between the open ends of the center body strip. Glue and secure in place. This will close the end of the fish giving it a more dimensional shape.


10. Tuck the side fins between the front and center strips. Glue and secure. When dry, curl the fins outward.


11. Tuck a lower fin inside the lower fold of the center strip. Glue and secure.


Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Glue stick, permanent
  • Paper clips
  • Paper fasteners
  • Pencil
  • Illustration board 12” x 12”


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