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  • Love Door Hanger

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  • Lovie Door Hanging

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

     Think outside the edges of a square piece of paper when creating!! Use different cut shapes to create interesting projects! This Love Hanging Valentine pouch perfect for use at home to collect special Valentines.


1. Cut heart from pink floral patterned paper.

2. Using orange floral patterned paper, trace bottom section of heart and cut out with scissors. Adhere edges only to bottom of pink heart to create a pocket.

3. Apply yellow lace adhesive border to edge of packet, and key/heart embellishment to center.

4. Tie a bow with champagne ribbon and adhere to the bottom towards point.

5. “X” cut two places in top of heart to tie ribbon through for hanging.

6. Create Valentine card for pocket using cardstock, Handmade patterned adhesive paper pad, and Handmade embellishments.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  •  Cardstock: White
  • Ribbon: 1 ½” Champagne

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