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  • love frame -handmade

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  • Love Frame (Handmade Collection)

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

    The many pieces of the Handmade Collectioncan add so much beauty to unique projects, such as this pretty love photo frame.


1. Cover front of frame with cream/green/rose patterned paper. Trim around edges, and ink with green ink.

2. Tear a strip of green mini polka dot patterned paper, ink edges with green ink, and adhere to lower area of frame. Apply die-cut adhesive border and trim off edges of frame and any that overlaps photo opening.

3. Build embellished areas using ephemera pack, die-cut cardstock pack, mini jeweled flowers, twine and fabric flowers.

Tip: Collage is a great technique to use on your projects to give them a very layered look. It also keeps the viewer interested and busy seeing all of the different levels of design.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Green Ink
  • Twine
  • Cardstock: Kraft


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