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  • Journaling Cards

    Designed By Brittny Kvihaug

     Journaling cards are all the rage these days. They are a great way to add memories to layouts, as a card front or just as a small little crafty opportunity. Because of their small size, they can be made in minutes and leave you with a sense of accomplishment without having spent tons of time creating it. Make a statement on your next layout by making them the focus and sizing photos to match!


 1. Use a paper trimmer to cut paper to make six journaling cards measuring 2 7/8”x3 7/8”. You will need one cream colored patterned paper, two wood grains, one grid, one grid/pattern, and one tan/yellow pattern. Use a ¼” corner rounder on all four corners of the cards.

2. Use the following instructions for each card on the layout, starting at the top left, working clockwise around the page.

3. Glue the scalloped frame with flowers to the cream patterned card, using scissors to trim a bit off of the right side. Cut out the gold key die-cut with scissors and glue to the left side of the frame. Attach “imagine” circle die-cut with a foam square. Place an heirloom bird onto the left side of the frame, overlapping the key. Journal inside the frame with a black ink pen.

4. Remove a white label from the release paper and place at the top of the wood grain card. Use scissors to notch a ‘v’ in each end of the ‘sweetheart’ gold die-cut. Attach over the white label using foam squares.

5. Use a glue pen to adhere a die-cut ‘2’ to the center of the grid card. Outline the die-cut with a gold pen. Place an heirloom bird at the top of the ‘2’ and an ‘enjoy’ leaf at the bottom left of the ‘2.’ Use the gold pen to add “Just the” and “of us” to the card.

6. Remove a layered floral sticker from the release paper and place at the top left of the grid/pattern card and a ‘delight’ leaf sticker at the bottom right of the card. Use a black pen to journal in the remaining space on the card.

7. Use white foam alphabet stickers to spell “US” in the center of a wood grain card.

8. Attach the long tag with a label die-cut across the bottom of the tan/yellow card with a glue runner and trim off the excess with scissors. Remove a layered flower sticker over the left side of the strip. Use a gold pen to write the date inside the label.

9. Attach each card to a 12x12 warm grey paper using a glue runner, about 2” from the bottom of the page. Leave about a 1/8” margin between the cards.

10. Cut a seven foot piece of natural twine with scissors and wrap around the page at the bottom of the strip of cards and tie into a bow. Cut another piece of natural twine with scissors to five feet. Use masking tape to secure one end to the back of the page above the top strip of cards. Wrap around the page twice and secure the other end to the back of the page with another piece of masking tape. Secure twine to the page by running a line of liquid glue pen along the page behind the twine, and pressing into place.

11. Remove two heirloom pearl stickers from the release paper and place over the right side of the bottom twine and reinforce with glue dots if necessary.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Natural Twine
  • Masking Tape

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