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  • Holiday food box

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  • Holiday Treat Box

    Designed By Nicole Ratzlaff

    Create this pretty Holiday Treat Box box for items such as loaves of bread, bags of treats or boxes of candy during the Christmas season. Susan Winget Coordinating collections makes easy to make. Simple can be sensational.

    For this project only a few tools were used to make paper really pop. Add dimension to your projects with punches and ink and a few hand crumpling techniques.

Creative Inspiration

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1. Cut two strips of paper and secure ends. Wrap around box and adhere trimming ends as needed.

2. Punch four strips of zig zag chains and adhere at top and bottom of strip on box. Use Glue Pen to adhere.

3. Cut two leaves from patterned paper. Take die cut poinsettia and leaves and crumple and ink edges.

4. Punch two holes through center of flower, thread twine through the hole and the box to attach flower to the box. Tie a bow.
Holiday food box2

5. With 3D Dots add leaves behind flower.

6. Finish with tulle and personalized message.

Helpful Tip: After you crumple your paper your ink will pick up the crumple lines giving more dimension to your projects.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Small Gable Box
  • Tulle
  • Hemp or Twine
  • Cream Cardstock

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