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  • handmade candle wrap

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  • Handmade Candle Wrap

    Designed By Lindsey Botkin

    Add dazzle to a store bought candle!  The Handmade Collection by K&Company makes it easy with coordinating elements.  The perfect gift for mom, a teacher or make as a home decor piece for your home.


1. Select a piece of floral paper from the pad. This will paper will become the base for the wrap.

2. Using the trimmer cut a floral piece of paper to the size of 3 1/4” x 12”.

3. Cut the white cardstock to the size of 2” x 12” creating a strip. Center and adhere to the center of the floral paper with permanent adhesive to the middle of floral paper.

4. Select an adhesive border from the package. Remove the release paper and adhere down to the middle of the white cardstock.

5. Punch a 3” scalloped circle out of yellow patterned paper.

6. Punch a 2 3/4” circle using white cardstock. Layer the white circle onto the yellow one and permanently adhere to the middle of the scalloped piece using the permanent adhesive.

7. Attach die-cut flowers and floral gem flower as desired to the middle of the circle.

8. Punch 2 holes on each end of the wrap using the heavy duty 1/8” punch. String ribbon through the holes. Place wrap on candle and tie ribbon to secure in place.


Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • White Ribbon
  • White Cardstock

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