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  • Halloween candy jars

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  • Halloween Candy Jars

    Designed By K&Company

    Create your own spooky concoctions by mixing up some Halloween fun! Using the Spooktacular Collection, make these fun candy jars are perfect for party favors, gift giving or a creative centerpiece.  You may want to personalize them by adding cute Halloween photos to the swirled wire. Simply bend the wire and place a photo into the swirl.


1. Remove corks and fill each jar with candy.

2. Punch pattern paper to cover the tops of the corks. We used 5/8 in, 3/4 in, 7/8 in sized punches.

3. For the round jar, cut from pattern paper the blue scallop with the spider inside. Remove the spider so you have a
nice scalloped frame. Cut the word “CANDY” from the same pattern paper and place on the jar.

4. Add a wire swirl and secure the Grand Adhesion Owl to it.

5. For the triangular jar, cut a strip of black pattern paper. Add a zigzag edge to it. Secure a candy border sticker to the black paper.

6. Add the word “Treat” to the jar from the die-cuts. Place 2 black wire swirls in the cork lid. On one swirl put a bat and on the other swirl, place the word “Creepy” that was first secured to white cardstock.

7. For the flat circle jar, cut a 2 x 2 green pattern paper square. Add a white cardstock zigzag framed edge to it.

8. Place the die-cut “Trick or Treat” on it using foam tape. Wrap the pumpkin border around the jar so it overlaps the green square.

9. Place the word “Spooky” on white cardstock and trim out using zigzag scissors. Secure it to the swirled wire.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Jars with cork lids (craft stores)
  • Black Wire
  • Zigzag scissors

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