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  • graduation invite frame

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  • Graduation Invitation Frame

    Designed By Holly Craft

    K&Company’s Graduation Collection will add some sparkle to your graduation memories.  Here we've created a decorative graduation invitation. This can also be done for an announcement or personalizing any celebration. Add some photos from the big event too!

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1. Determine the desired size of the invitation, depending on the size envelopes you are using. (Another possibility is to create your own envelopes also). Decide how much of the background paper you want showing as well as how wide of a mat you want around the invitation. Use trimmer to cut the cardstock to the appropriate sizes.

2. Design the invitation on the computer, leaving room for any embellishments you want to add. Print the invitations. Trim the invitation to the desired size.

3. Use adhesive to layer the background, mat and printed invitation.

4. Add any embellishments such as the initials of the school. Even a strip of decorative paper can be used as an embellishment.

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