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  • Gift Giving Heart Bag

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  • Gift Giving Heart Bag

    Designed By EK Success Brands

    Use the K&Company Beyond Postmarks Collection for coordinating embellishments for cards or gift bags like this Hearts Bag.  Change out the stickers and sentiments for birthdays, milestones, get well, teacher gifts and more.


Our Kraft bag was 5.5" x 8" .


1. Remove heart stickers from release paper and stick on front of bag

2. Tear out the dictionary printed paper from pad. Find the word love and cut out around the outer lines. Set aside.

3. With trimmer cut down photo to the size of 1 3/4” x 2”. Set aside

4. Cut out the word dream and the word below it so the finished size is 2” X
2 1/2”. Mount the photo in the center using the permanent adhesive.

5. Adhere the mounted photo to the bottom right side of the bag. The bottom of the mounted photo should be 2 1/4” from the bottom of the bag.

6. Remove suitcase sticker from release paper. Adhere under mounted photo. Be sure suitcase bottom is not overlapping the bottom of the bag.

7. Tuck the word love piece behind the suite case to the left side. Use a pop dot under the back on the right side to pop out away from the photo and give depth.

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