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  • Friends Card

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

     The eclectic, antique look of this Friends Card makes it the perfect way to express yourself to a true friend. Collage is a great technique to use on cards to give them a very full, busy look.


1. Create a matchbook folded card with flap at top using cream cardstock. Ink edges with medium brown ink.
2. Cut a piece of red patterned paper to fit on front, leaving a 1/8” border of cardstock showing. Ink edges and adhere. Sand paper to roughen surface.
3. Cut a strip of red floral transparency and adhere across front of card – slightly lower than center.
4. Using bingo card, adhesive borders, twine, gems, corrugated cardboard, letter cards, mini black alphabet and fabric flower embellishments, decorate front of card.
5. Cut a blue strip for flap, ink edges, and adhere to card. Apply adhesive border and

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: Cream, Blue
  • Twine

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