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  • mod podge coasters

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  • Decoupage Coasters

    Designed By Christy Gallaher

    Fun and functional and homemade - what's better than that for a holiday gift? Mod Podge ceramic coasters with your favorite papers and/or borders for perfect gift this holiday season.



1. Select a piece of paper from the designer pad. In the design the designer paper is the red base piece with gingerbread people cut outs (from the borders)

2. Measure the top of the tile with the ruler. With trimmer cut the paper into a square leaving a 1/4” border of the tile showing.

3. Select a border pattern from the border package. Cut the border to fit over the square. Each coaster will require 4 border strips. Alternatively, cut 1" wide strips from complementary papers to use as a border


4. From the gingerbread border, cut gingerbread people in pairs.

4. Coat tile with Decoupage glue using a foam brush and apply paper and embellishments then apply another coat of Decoupage glue on top and allow drying.

5. Once completely dry spray with clear enamel. Apply 2-4 coats of enamel, allowing tiles to completely dry in between coats.

6. Stick felt circles on the back side of the tiles to protect surfaces.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • 4 ceramic tiles (available at any hardware store)
  • Decoupage glue
  • Foam brush
  • Clear enamel spray
  • Felt Circles
  • Ruler


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