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  • Cutesy Smash Folio

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  • Cutesy Smash Folio

    Designed By Lisa Falduto

    The Cutesy Smash Folio is perfect for saving her school year memories. Add a piece of artwork, photos, ribbons, and more to create a personal history of what happened when.


Cutesy Smash Folio Cover
1. Add personality to the cover of the K&Company Cutesy Smash Folio by coloring in the embossed hearts and peace signs with the Martha Stewart Crafts glitter markers.

2. Embellishments are always a must. Add the Smash unicorn slider to the right hand side of the cover.

Inside Pages

Cutesy Smash Folio
1. Look over the photos, notes, artwork and collectables to be used. Begin gluing the items onto the pages with the Smash glue Stick. The best part about Smashing is there is no set rule so let the creativity flow.


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