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  • Candy Tube Treat

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  • Candy Treat Tube

    Designed By Brittny Kvilhaug

    Valentine’s Day treats are such fun little projects to create especially when you have a unique base to start with. Valentine’s Day stickers and embellishments are just what you need to make this tube into a real treat!


1. Cut a 3” strip of the red circle heart paper ribbon. Adhere the ribbon around the tube, about 2” from the top.

2. Tear off four tickets from the adhesive borders, peel off the backings, stick them back to back, and hot glue them to the tube, over the seam in the paper ribbon.

3. Select and hot glue a medallion over the edge of the tickets to create focus point

4. Cut a 3” piece of the heart sticker border and adhere it around the tube, about .25” from the bottom.

5. Fill tube with favorite red candy and give to a love one.

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  • Plastic Candy Tube
  • Hot Glue Gun

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