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  • Butterfly Wall Art2

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  • Butterfly Wall Art

    Designed By Clare Howell

    If this is your first time creating a collage, start off smaller like making this Butterfly Wall Art project, rather than sitting in front of a huge piece of paper. Gather together your main components and just place then around your paper. This will give you an insight as to how your piece may end up! Papers and embellishments from the Engraved Garden collection was perfect for putting this project together. 


1. Decide what size you want to create your project. Trim your specialty paper to size and then trim the paper which has the writing on it from the Engraved Garden Collection ½” smaller.

2. Punch the corners of the specialty paper with the trumpet corner punch. When the project is finished, it will slip into these punched corners.

3. Stamp the fern stamp onto the paper at the top and in the bottom right hand corner. Use clear embossing ink. Cover the embossed images with clear embossing powder and heat until melted. Allow to cool.

4. Color the paper that has the writing on it with a brown dye ink. You will see that the areas that were embossed do not take on the color.

5. Rip a strip of paper off of the piece of paper from the Engraved Garden Collection that has the black bird on it. Cut it to size so that it fits onto your project.

6. Cut leaves out of a blue piece of paper using a leaf die cut. Color with blue glitter glue. Glue leaves onto the project. Use some clear silicone on some areas to give the leaves some dimension. Glue on Handmade flowers. These were also made out of the Engraved Garden Collection.

7. Glue on large butterfly, placing 3D dots under the wings.

8. Cut out bird and stick feathers onto head and tail. Trim off legs and then stick under a butterfly. Stick onto project and use 3D dots to lift it off of the paper.

9. Cut out the big flower and attach it to the to right hand corner. Stick on more butterflies and raise the wings using silicone.

10. Color the fabric words with dye ink and attach to scraps of brown Specialty Paper.

11. Mount onto project using 3D dots.

12. Step back and admire!

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Clear Silicone
  • Cardstock-blue
  • Handmade Flowers
  • Feathers
  • Leaf Die Cut
  • Glitter Glue – Blue and Red
  • Dye Ink – Brown
  • Clear Embossing Ink
  • Clear Embossing Powder

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