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  • Butterfly art

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  • Butterfly Art

    Designed By Clare Howell

    Using collections inspired by nature, such as Engraved Gardens, makes it easy to coordinate the art in a project.  If this is your first time creating a wall art college start with this smaller Butterfly Art project.  


1. This project is going to have a finished size of 12” x 12”. Take a piece of brown Specialty Paper and attach it to a piece of chipboard.

2. Attach the Engraved Garden Paper with the bird and the bicycle onto the brown paper. This was trimmed ½”small than the brown paper. Add some blue and brown ink to the paper.

3. Cut out 2 more birds and shape slightly. Attach to project. (Refer to pictures for placement).

4. Add a touch of gold pen to the flowers.

5. Attach green handmade flowers in the bottom left hand corner of the page. Tuck in bird just under the flowers allowing it to peek out.

6. Attach handmade flowers to bottom right hand corner flowers.

7. Stamp the Watch with Wings twice on paper of your choice from the collection and color slightly with dye inks. Cut out both and stick together, shaping the wings slightly. Place clear silicone under the wings.

8. Randomly add butterflies to your project putting clear silicone under the wings.

9. Embellish with Pearls (See picture for placement).

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Clear Silicone
  • Cardstock- brown
  • Handmade Flowers
  • Dye Ink – Blue and Brown
  • Gold Pen

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