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  • Breakfast Meeting

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     What a wonderful idea for hosting a breakfast meeting or entertaining overnight guest. The adorable little bags hold everything needed for a continental breakfast. Simply create a tag for each bag and fill. Breakfast on the go has never been so easy and neat.


 Breakfast Meeting Cover 3 


 1. Begin by creating the name tags for each breakfast bag. Names can be written directly on each tag or created via the computer. If using a computer generated name cut out each name and adhere it with stick glue to the right inside of the tags punched hole.

2. Thread about 3” of the twine through the tags hole and secure by knotting.

3. Select the flowers to be used for each breakfast bag. Remove the release paper from the flowers adhesive. Place flower over the hole of the tag.

4. Fill each bag with breakfast items, a napkin and flatware.

5. Crumple a piece of kraft tissue paper and place in the top of the bag to hide the items inside.

6. To finish hot each name tag to one of the bags handle.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Small Kraft Gift bags
  • Kraft Tissue Paper

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