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  • Confetti Party Accessories-16 and Fabulous

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  • Birthday Party Sweet 16

    Designed By Kathy Fesmire

    Make easy work of your sweet 17 birthday photos with this 12X12 layout designed using this adorable Confetti line. Make the coordinating party accessories too.

Creative Inspiration

Make the party accessories that coordinate with this page.
Confetti Party Accessories 1

Confetti Party Accessories 2
Confetti Party Accessories 3


1. Cut star paper to 11 ½ inches by 11 ½ inches. Ink the edges with brown ink and adhere to red checked paper.

2. Cut a 4 inch wide piece of candle paper. Cut ½ inch strip of striped paper. Ink both papers with brown ink and adhere striped paper behind the candle paper. Adhere to background as shown.

3. Cut green paper to 8 inches by 10 inches. Ink the edges with brown ink. Create “stitching” with piercer and pen. (See Techniques) Adhere to page as shown.

4. Use a circle cutter to cut a 7 ¼ inch circle from yellow paper. Ink the edges with brown ink. Adhere to page and trim excess with scissors.

5. Mat 4 X 6 photo with white cardstock and adhere to page.

6. Cut (3) ½ inch strips of striped paper. Cut 2 strips to 7 1/8 inches long and one strip into (2) 5 1/8 inch long strips. Ink the edges with brown ink and adhere around the photo mitering one end of each strip as you go to form a frame.

7. Punch cupcake border and adhere to photo as shown.

8. Mat and adhere two smaller photos.

9. Add title, cupcakes and hat as shown with foam adhesive.

10. Create a diagonal line of circles, flowers, bursts and candles with foam adhesive across the page as shown.

11. Use the Wacky Tack runner to create a line across the bottom of the candle paper strip as shown and sprinkle with glitter. Tap to remove excess.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: White
  • Marker: Brown

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