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  • Confetti Party Accessories

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  • Birthday Party Set

    Designed By Kathy Fesmire

    Create this adorable party set including a name card, treat bag and napkin ring that’s sure to be the hit of any birthday party with the Confetti Line.

Creative Inspiration

Make the Scrapbook Page that coordinates with these party accessories.
Confetti Party Accessories-16 and Fabulous


Name Card

  •  Cut a 4 ¼ X 4 inch piece of green paper and fold in half where the 4 inches is the width of the place card. Ink the edges with brown ink.
  •  Cut a 4 inch by 1 ¼ inch piece of striped paper and ink the edges with brown ink.
  •  Print name on white cardstock, trim with scissors and adhere to name plate.
  •  Add hat and epoxy cupcake sticker to finish the name plate.
    Confetti Party Accessories 1

Treat Bag

  •  Cut a 4 inch piece of striped paper the width of your plastic treat bag. Ink the edges with brown ink and fold in half.
  •  Cut yellow paper 1 ¼ inches by the width of your treat bag.
  •  Punch cupcake border from red paper and adhere to strip as shown.
  •  Fill bag with candy and adhere bag topper with adhesive.

    Confetti Party Accessories 3

Napkin Ring

  •   Cut a strip of green paper 2 ½ X 6 1/2 inches. Ink the edges with brown ink. Fold in half lengthwise and adhere closed to ad strength to napkin ring.
  •   Add a strip of Wacky Tack adhesive across the top and bottom of the napkin ring as shown. Sprinkle with glitter and tap off excess.
  •   Form into a ring and adhere ends together.
  •   Use foam adhesive to adhere cupcake. Slide around paper napkin.

Confetti Party Accessories 2

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: White
  • Plastic Bag
  • Paper Napkin

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